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Born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana, Crystal Dunn has been operating in ministry for over 20 years as an ordained minister, chaplain, and co-director of her church’s women’s ministry. She is an advocate for women being all they can be in God. She loves God and finds joy in encouraging HIS daughters to serve HIM.


Crystal has been married for 14 years, 12 previously and 2 currently, after God beautifully reconciled her marriage. She and her husband have two daughters, Carris and Cairah Dunn. They started the ministry Better2Gether to promote the unconditional forgiveness that can only come from God.


In 2019, Crystal founded the virtual assistance firm, Indy C.A.S.T. Plus LLC. As a licensed business coach, she provides vital support to growing businesses. She also serves as the online media manager for


In her free time, Crystal enjoys traveling, visiting model homes, and attending car shows. She lives by Luke 1:45 which reads, “And blessed [is] she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”

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