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To see her now you would never have known that Jennifer C. Rogers was just a girl who grew up with low self-esteem and low self-worth issues. You would know the amount of pain that actually hid at one time behind that smile. You would be surprised at the challenges she had to overcome, that were ultimately designed to crush her heart and destroy her spirit. But for the love and the healing power of God…. She doesn’t look like what she’s been through!

Jennifer is a certified relationship coach, SYMBIS facilitator and a licensed and ordained minister at the Turning Point Family Worship Center, where she and her husband Wayne head up the Locked 4 Life Marriage Ministry for the last 15 years. Jennifer has a passion for bringing the Word of God to life with couples young and old and help them make God relevant in their lives today! She believes in God’s design for marriage and fights for the preservation of the family unit.

Jennifer is a dynamic speaker and workshop instructor whose animated and no-nonsense style can captivate any audience. You can feel her passion for God’s people through her words and see the passion through her willingness to sacrifice for the betterment of the family, church, and community. She has been a host of several radio broadcasts “The Locked 4 Life Marriage Broadcast 1310 AM, and the Queen Esther Podcast with Dr. Jessica Mosley and a published contributing author of 2 books. Jennifer understands the value of understanding yourself and what’s behind your why. She believed there is a myriad of factors that make relationship healthy or toxic but it all starts with YOU.

Jennifer has been saved for 30 years and has a love for God that is contagious. She is married to a wonderful companion Wayne, who is also a minister and dynamite teacher in his own right. She also has 3 children, Alysha (26) Avery (25) and Alyiah (22). Jennifer enjoys hobbies such as decorating, event planning and these days as an empty nester, spending time with her newest editions Grace and Chase.

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